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Design as Art

Using Bruno Munari’s Design as Art as the primary text, this book's design spans five chapters. Four of which consist of essays written by Munari himself. 

The fifth and final chapter contains my reflection on Munari’s words and the significance of graphic design and typography in visual communication.

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Considering that the original text was published in 1966, the aim of the design was to present Munari's thoughts in a contemporary manner by experimenting with layout, typography, and negative space.

The book design employed a singular typeface, with Urbane Thin and Medium used for body copy and Urbane Bold for headings and sub-headings. To maintain the focus on typography and overall layout, the color palette was intentionally kept simple, and limited to black, white, and red. This choice allowed the content to take center stage and gave the design a modern aesthetic.

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Each page's contents were arranged differently to highlight various aspects of Munari’s writings. For instance, certain typographic elements were made larger than the surrounding text, or specific words were pulled out from their respective paragraphs to emphasize the main point of that section. 

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Portions of Munari’s essays were given emphasis by covering entire spreads with the corresponding text.

View the entire book here.

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