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MetroCard Campaign

Most people have seen, heard, or even used one of New York City’s iconic yellow MetroCards. Every Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) commuter has used one to get on a bus or train. The MetroCard itself has become a staple of New York City's identity and a prominent symbol throughout the city.

The MetroCard proved to be the perfect foundation for an out-of-home ad campaign.

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The concept of this project focused on the MetroCard itself being a symbol of transportation and movement throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

The campaign transforms the MetroCard into a reminder that there's a smoother, faster way to navigate the city—by opting for the NYC subway. Strategically placed across traffic-congested zones and busy intersections, these MetroCard posters serve as a visual nudge with a clear message: the subway is an escape from honking horns and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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The MetroCard campaign is not just about avoiding traffic—it's providing New Yorkers with a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to driving. Each MetroCard poster dons a New York City Subway station along with “NO CARS” written out using the letters of the MTA train lines.

The traditional text on the bottom of the MetroCard prompting commuters to “insert this way” has been replaced with a tagline compelling New Yorkers to avoid traffic jams on the Subway. Commuters are encouraged to grab their MetroCards, swipe into the subway system, and leave the hustle and hassle of traffic behind. 

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