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The Scholar Residence

Located in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood, The Scholar Residence is perfectly positioned for students to thrive. The hotel is conveniently located away from the city’s crowds for optimal focus, but also provides students access to restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, and museums. 

The Scholar Residence is much more than a hotel. It provides a safe space for young people to be independent, have a productive environment, and enjoy the company of students from all over the globe. 

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The concept of this project focused on creating a wellness-focused space for students. The Scholar Residence is centered around catering to the mental and physical wellness of its tenants. 

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Without optimal physical and mental health, students cannot excel academically. Consequently, the hotel’s accommodations include a gym, aromatherapy center, café, restaurant, libraries, and study rooms. 

View the entire lookbook here.

Being that The Scholar Residence is centered around fostering an experience for students, the overall visual design applies basic geometric shapes to give the brand a scholarly feel.

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The arrangement of the shapes is meant to communicate the carefree and uncomplicated vibe typically associated with youth. This treatment was applied to the hotel’s product, website, and menu designs to create a cohesive brand identity system. 

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