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Playback Warehouse

85% of our electronic waste is sent to landfills and incinerators to be burned, which releases harmful toxins and chemicals into the atmosphere. This is where electronic refurbishment steps in. Playback Warehouse is a vintage electronic store that collects devices to be refurbished for sale instead of simply being thrown away.

 Here, acquired electronics are sorted, disassembled, or refurbished for reuse or sale daily. These devices are given a second life by repurposing salvageable parts or by repairing old gadgets.

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The concept of this project focused on nostalgic memories behind vintage devices. The brand identity creates a visual narrative that allows customers to relive their happiest memories.

To evoke a feeling of nostalgia, our turquoise, purple, and charcoal color palette takes inspiration from the paper Dixie cups popular in the early 2000s which provided sentimental memories for many.

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The goal of the Playback Warehouse logo design was to convey a sense of moving forward while remembering the past. The A’s in the words “play” and “back” were replaced with play buttons, pointing to the store’s media devices, The traditional play button symbolizes moving forward and progression while the backward play button represents dwelling in the past.  

All marketing collateral from the brand’s website to promotional posters, exudes a sense of antiquity. Visuals

of iconic electronics—phones, record players, and early gaming systems—blend seamlessly with a vintage paper effect, transporting customers back to “the good old days.”

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