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Forvr Mood

Forvr Mood is a luxury candle brand owned by Nigerian-American YouTuber and beauty influencer Jackie Aina. Aina is well-known for her love of makeup, scents, and perfumes.

This redesign aimed to extend three of Forvr Mood’s fragrances– Cuffing Season, Champagne Showers, and Butterfly Effect into a line of perfumes.


The concept for the perfumes’ packaging was centered around creating bottles that Forvr Mood consumers wouldn’t want to discard. Inspiration for the perfume bottle designs came from lava lamps and their ability to set the mood just as candles do. 


Sleek, cylindrical bottles hold one fluid ounce of perfume with their interior boasting colorful “blobs” mimicking the ones that rise and fall within lava lamps. The bottles are made out of colored glass, with each color pointing back to the fragrance’s notes and the feelings it's supposed to evoke.

The vibrancy of the bottles was inspired by the colors used in lava lamps which are often bold and energetic. The choice of colors adds to the perfume’s visual appeal, making it a striking piece of home decor that can be kept even after the fragrance is done.


As the bottles themselves are an experience, they are left plain without any text. The perfume boxes carry all the necessary text with the fragrance’s name and Forvr Mood's logo debossed on the box, giving the packaging a luxurious feel. The perfume bottles encapsulate Forvr Mood as a brand and Jackie Aina’s obsession with using candles to set different moods.

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