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TriTone Design Collab 

TriTone Design Collab is a multi-disciplinary design studio combining graphic design, UI/UX, and marketing. The name “TriTone” highlights that the studio is run by three black women hailing from various backgrounds. “Tritone” is also used to refer to the three disciplines the studio focuses on.

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View the entire brochure here.

The essence of the brand’s identity stems from its name,  which extends into its color palette consisting of three tones of turquoise. The darkest tone represents the graphic design department, the mid-tone correlates to the marketing department, and the lightest tone is associated with the UI/UX department. 

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The three tones are used to identify the company throughout all marketing collateral including its website, brochure, and products. The TriTone Design Collab logo encapsulates the studio’s philosophy. The three tones of turquoise are introduced with each letter in “TRI” having an assigned tone, again pointing to the studio's three partners and three disciplines.

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The rectangle encompassing the logo represents the studio’s unity despite having three departments and is also used as a design element throughout the brand’s visual identity.

From stationary to brochures, every piece of Tritone Design Collab’s marketing collateral carries the studio’s signature elements. Modern typography, clean rectangles, and the use of the three turquoise tones create an aesthetic that is both sophisticated and approachable.

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